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Old Physics and Astrophysics Lecture Notes

The following lecture notes are from the University of London Physics BSc and Astrophysics MSc and related courses in previous years, (eg. the MSci Physics and Phys/Astrophys EuroMasters degrees). Most are PDF files and some MS Word and PowerPoint files. Some of these degree course lecture notes may be incomplete or unavailable. More old lecture notes may become available here in the future.

BSc Physics Degree Course Structure:
-- At Level 1:
1B28 Thermal Physics
1B71 Mathematical Methods for Physics I
1B70 Physics Laboratory (Practical) with Computing I
1B72 Waves and Modern Physics
-- --
-- At Level 2:
2B22 Quantum Physics
2B72 Mathematical Methods II
2B70 Physics Laboratory (Practical) with Computing II
1B26 Electricity and Magnetism
1B27 Introductory Classical Mechanics
2B27 Environmental Physics
2B24 Atomic and Molecular Physics
2B28 Statistical Thermodynamics and Condensed Matter Physics
2B29 Electromagnetic Theory
-- --
-- At Level 3:
3C24 Nuclear and Particle Physics
3C25 Solid State Physics
3C26 Quantum Mechanics
3C43 Lasers and Modern Optics (Optoelectronics)
3C70(80) Physics Practical III and Project
3C74 Topics in Modern Cosmology
3C75 Principles and Practice of Electronics
3Cxx (Optional Mathematics courses at Level 3)

MSc Astrophysics Degree outline:
ASTM109 Stellar Structure and Evolution & other lecture notes (external site)
ASTM116 Astrophysical Plasmas
ASTM001 Solar System
ASTM002 The Galaxy
-- --
ASTM108 Advanced Cosmology (External site)
ASTM005 Research Methods in Astrophysics and research essay
ASTM041 Relativistic Astrophysics
ASTM112 Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
ASTM052 Extragalactic Astrophysics
ASTM003 Angular Momentum and Accretion in Astrophysics
ASTM024 Astrophysics Project or Dissertation
ASTMxxx (Other optional Physics, Mathematics or Astrophysics courses at Level 3 or 4)

Mathematical, Physical and Astronomical Constants (Word Doc)
Cosmological Parameters (PNG file)
Periodic Table (HTML)
Some astrophysics related research papers.

Please note: This Website is NOT an official course Website. This material is for reference purposes only.